The company

Geomac is a company dedicated to providing civil engineering-related services; pre-construction studies, civil predesigns, construction management, rent/sale of heavy construction machinery and equipment, among other services related to project execution.

The compliance and quality of our services are the organizational pillars for achieving our goals. This way, we look forward on construction of long-term relationships with our clients; making their needs, ours.


GEOMAC was founded at the beginning of 2006 with a concept not very different from what the company has been able to project today. However, the company’s direction has taken the different routes we have forged.

In 2006, JM Machinery and Equipment was created by our Manager and Founder Javier Martínez. Regardless of the multiple challenges we faced daily due to the limited machinery and reduced staff we had at that time, we never forgot our work motto of “Compliance and quality”. Clinging to this motto, we started working on different projects throughout the country; giving our best to better position the brand and make ourselves known more than as a simple machinery-renting company.

This allowed us to become contractors in multiple projects executed by public and private institutions; managing to increase our work, our staff and our desire to continue fulfilling our customers.

As the years went by, we slowly started integrating staff that was essential to accomplish our goals. Gradually, while always having in mind our client’s needs, the other required gear by our company started arriving highly competent staff who identified with our reason and became part of this story.

This is how in 2014 due to the need to keep satisfying and fulfilling our customers, JM Machinery and Equipment underwent a complete restructure where we changed our name to Geomac Engineering. Notwithstanding the new brand, we assured us to keep all the business lines we had derived from the specialized services we had been providing.

Our people make the difference at Geomac, we count with a team composed of the best professionals in satisfying and converting their needs into ours.


GEOMAC aims to achieve excellence and recognition in the market due to the outstanding planning, control, and execution of labors that exceed our customer’s expectations. All of this, through a committed human talent, highly qualified products and services in the area of infrastructure projects, import, sale, rental and technical assistance of heavy machinery for construction.


By 2024 we expect to consolidate ourselves as a leading company in the quality of our products and services in the area of infrastructure projects, importation, sale, rental and technical assistance of heavy construction machinery, recognized with National and International prestige for our commitment with the satisfaction of our customer’s needs, excellence in our administrative and operational processes; standing out for the training and skills of our employees, besides from being recognized for our respect for the environment and our social responsibility.